Administrator | Selasa, 21 Maret 2017 21:44:38 WIB
Grass Jelly As Functional Food

Functional food became very popular after the results of research
indicate the role of compounds in the group of non-nutrient foods that have a specific function for health. Some of the expected physiological function is the prevention of the onset of disease, increase endurance, regulation of body rhythms conditions, slowing the aging process and restructuring of the back. Functional food is a class of foods or beverages that contain ingredients which are expected to improve the health status and prevent certain diseases. Some of the requirements that must be met are:
- Should the food product is not the form of capsules, tablets or powder) derived from natural materials
- It can as well be consumed as a diet or daily menu
- Have a specific function when ingested, and can provide a specific role in the body, helping to restore the body after a certain illness, maintain and mental condition, and slow aging
- physical and chemical content of clear and quality and quantity, safe for consumption, and its composition should not degrade the nutritional value.

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