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What is Grass Jelly ?

Grass jelly is certainly not much to look at, jiggling on a plate with its shiny black or dark green appearance. Admirers of the Asian jelly-like dessert say diners should try to overlook its appearance and not pass up a chance to give it try if they find grass jelly

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About grass jelly

In Botany, Grass jelly belong to Mesona chinensis species and member of the mint family (Lamiaceae). In Indonesia it called cincau hitam (black jelly) because the color of this jelly is translucent black. There are other types of grass jelly such as cincau perdu (Melastoma polyanthum B) and

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Grass Jelly As Functional Food

Functional food became very popular after the results of research
indicate the role of compounds in the group of non-nutrient foods that have a specific function for health. Some of the expected physiological function is the prevention of the onset of disease, increase endurance, regulation